Närke avsnittsbild

MTB and racking in Närke

We join Louise and her family in Närke, or Örebro to be more precise. With Gustavsvik as our starting point, we ride Icelandic horses in Ervalla and mountain bikes on one of the area’s many trails.


On Icelandic horses in Närke

Ervalla is located approx. 20 km north of Örebro. There are horses to suit most riders, experienced or novice. Icelandic horses are easy to ride, and here at Erikslunds Islandshästar, they will take you across open fields, along gravel paths and through magical forests.

Mountainbike i Bergslagen

Mountain bike with Bergslagen Cycling

There is no doubt that cycling is growing in popularity – and that’s not surprising. It is environmentally friendly and a great and fun way to exercise and get close to nature that would take a long time to reach on Shanks’s pony. At Bergslagen Cycling there are plenty of trails to choose from, varying in difficulty and length. In other words, the chances are good of finding one to suit you – whatever your experience, guts and condition.

Boende Närke

Our accommodation around Örebro


Gustavsvik is a five-star campsite with a high standard of accommodation and service. There is cable TV with some 14 channels direct to the pitches and cottages, if you have time for that in a place like this, because here you can make the most of your holiday. We have one of Sweden’s biggest water parks, as well as mini-golf, bouncy cushions and trampolines, and much, much more.

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