Järvsö Downhill Action Adventure

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Mix crosswords and sun loungers with adrenaline pumping action or calmer but unforgettable adventures.

Canyoning i Trysil
61° 42' 36.792" N, 11° 56' 27.348" E

“Nature’s own adventure waterpark” is the simple description of what Canyoning really is. You float, jump and glide down waterfalls under safe...

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MTB Mountainbike i Rörbäcksnäs
61° 7' 43.572" N, 12° 48' 50.832" E

Rörbäcksnäs is located 45 minutes west of Sälen and offers scenic bicycling for all skill levels – beginners as well as pros. The rails are nicely...

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Skärmflygning i Kåseberga
55° 23' 11.58" N, 14° 3' 54.396" E

The conditions for paragliding in Kåseberga are optimal. The steep slope allows winds coming in from the sea to blow straight up, and a...

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Snorkla med gäddor
60° 18' 29.988" N, 15° 22' 21.072" E

Swimming with dolphins is a dream for many. Snorkelling with pikes may not place quite as high on the same bucket list, but perhaps it would if...

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Fasthakad på Skuleberget
63° 4' 39.756" N, 18° 21' 39.888" E

Via Ferrata is a basic form of climbing, based on a steel cable run through a set of periodically placed loops, secured into the rock. This makes...

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Paddla kanot i Västra Silen
59° 23' 52.872" N, 12° 14' 16.332" E

Preben, the guide on our canoe day trip on Lake Västra Silen, describes paddling with one word: freedom. And it is no wonder. Stay and rest or go...

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69° 3' 35.899" N, 20° 32' 55.1" E

The point where Sweden, Finland and Norway meet is marked with a lump of yellow cement on a cairn. It may not look much, but the feeling of being...

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Forspaddling med kajak i Blekinge
56° 30' 39.456" N, 14° 42' 54.936" E

In the spring and autumn, River Mörrumsån in Blekinge offers challenging rapids, even for those who are experienced. But we visit the watercourse...

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Cowboyridning i vildmarken
65° 40' 6.168" N, 21° 1' 2.676" E

Come on a four-footed adventure in the wilderness. Western riding, as it’s also known, is a widespread form of riding for work. That is to say,...

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GoCart i Lidköping
58° 29' 25.495" N, 13° 12' 3.523" E

If you are tired of being overtaken on the road in your caravan or motorhome, this is your chance for revenge. At Lidköping’s motorsport arena you...

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Ballonflygning i Bohuslän
57° 53' 11.976" N, 11° 34' 41.592" E

We set off for Marstrand and Karlsten Fortress. From here we are going up into the sky to view the beautiful landscape from above – and, at times...

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Snorkeläventyr i Kosterhavet
58° 52' 0.084" N, 11° 7' 17.904" E

Many associate snorkelling with the Red Sea or crystal-clear water off a Greek island. But you don’t need to go that far to see life under the sea...

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69° 18' 57.996" N, 16° 7' 31.044" E

When in Andenes, we hear that there is a guarantee of seeing sperm whales on the whale safari – we don’t need to think for long. The tour starts...

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Hurtigruten Norge
68° 33' 53.424" N, 14° 54' 35.532" E

Hurtigruten must be the world’s most beautiful sea journey. Unfortunately you can’t take your caravan or motorhome on board due to the height...

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Längdskidåkning i Orsa
61° 12' 44.68" N, 14° 32' 6.428" E

No one doubts that cross-country skiing is a big sport in Orsa, bearing in mind that Sweden’s best-known cross-country ski race is held right here...

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61° 0' 29.023" N, 14° 37' 16.129" E

Snowmobile is a wonderful way to experience the winter valleys. We take one of the snowmobile trails and see incredibly beautiful views and lovely...

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Utförsåkning Orsa Grönklitt
61° 12' 28.588" N, 14° 32' 15.529" E

Orsa Grönklitt is one of Sweden’s southernmost ski resorts, yet one of the most reliable for snow. Here, the slopes often open in the middle of...

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Paddla kajak i Östergötland, Sankt Anna skärgård
58° 19' 12.083" N, 16° 53' 41.352" E

Setting off on the sea in a kayak can really be recommended. Fresh air in your lungs and real, beautiful images to treasure for a long time....

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Blocart på Römö
55° 5' 14.824" N, 8° 31' 16.151" E

Rømø – a flat island that can be reached by car – is located in southern Denmark, close to the German border. It has what seem like endless...

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60° 17' 14.766" N, 17° 25' 31.858" E

Jumping out of an aeroplane 4000 metres up is idiocy to many, but what they all have in common is that they probably haven’t tried it. We go up –...

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Järvsö Bike Park
61° 42' 45.302" N, 16° 9' 36.263" E

Järvsö has one of Sweden’s finest downhill parks for mountain bikes. Take the lift up and the bike down. Choose from several prepared trails...

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Forsränning i Åre
63° 21' 44.37" N, 13° 10' 38.834" E

It sounds mad when you say it: travelling down the rapids in an inflatable rubber boat. But it’s true. It’s really fun. We join Äventyrligt to...

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53° 30' 59.573" N, 12° 40' 48.09" E

Driving the caravan or motorhome on board a boat is nothing remarkable, but then to steer the boat yourself is not something you see or experience...

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Segelflyg utsikt
57° 41' 44.156" N, 12° 50' 34.08" E

Many dream of flying without an engine, and in Borås that dream can come true. With the help of Borås Segelflygklubb you can glide soundlessly...

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56° 4' 50.799" N, 14° 21' 56.663" E

Kjugekull is a nature reserve and probably Sweden’s best bouldering area, i.e. an easier form of climbing without safety lines and equipment. It...

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55° 52' 28.906" N, 12° 57' 6.689" E

We load the gun at Landskrona Saxtorp JSK. Here, we run through how to shoot clay pigeons with a couple of, to say the least, experienced...

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Korallgrottan Lappland Sapmi
64° 53' 23.144" N, 14° 6' 33.091" E

We get help from two cave guides to explore the hollowed out limestone on the border between Sweden and Norway. On the guided tour, we go 500...

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62° 29' 10.694" N, 16° 59' 5.798" E

Speed is of the essence – and it really is. We visit the Swedish Drag Racing Championships in Sundsvall and, with the smell of petrol and burnt...

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61° 54' 15.958" N, 6° 43' 22.53" E

If you want to retain your skiing fitness in the summer, then Stryn is the perfect place to go. Here the slopes are open from mid-May to mid-July...

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Zipline i Isaberg
57° 26' 11.969" N, 13° 37' 24.823" E

Phobias are rarely rational, so the high ropes course in Isaberg may not be for those with a fear of heights. But safety always comes first, and...

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46° 29' 4.305" N, 13° 47' 8.572" E

Downhill is great even on the bare ground. But we change the skis for a mountain bike when we whizz down Ingmar Stenmark’s favourite slopes. We...

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45° 39' 56.919" N, 13° 59' 23.903" E

Slovenia has one of the world’s most impressive cave systems. The depth and mystical quality of the Škocjan Caves leave an impression on the...

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67° 55' 7.244" N, 18° 34' 21.973" E

Up on Sweden’s highest point, Kebnekaise’s southern peak, it’s not just the expanses and the incredible landscape that impress. The achievement,...

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Paddla i Dalslands kanal
58° 59' 39.692" N, 12° 15' 8.338" E

Dalsland Canal is a 254 km canal system that connects Lake Vänern with the big lakes in Dalsland, Värmland and Norway. Along the canal, there are...

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Vasaloppet på två hjul

Completing Vasaloppet is a winter dream for many, but if you prefer wheels to ski wax, then we recommend summer. The start, as it should be, is in...

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Havskajak på Åland
60° 1' 45.955" N, 19° 52' 55.751" E

The island state of Åland consists of more than 6000 islets and skerries, so an excellent way to explore the environments here is by sea kayak. We...

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59° 14' 15.594" N, 17° 52' 52.777" E

Häggsta or Häggstaklippan is a popular, up to 40 m high, cliff face in the Municipality of Huddinge. There are more than 100 climbing trails...

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Stand Up Paddleboard i Stockholm city
59° 20' 25.595" N, 18° 0' 50.875" E

The fact that Stockholm consists of islands is known to most. But that the water that separates them is a perfect way to discover the city may not...

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Takvandring i Stockholm
59° 19' 30.659" N, 18° 4' 1.009" E

Stockholm is a mix of sweet and salt, as you know. But also metal, actually. In any case, you can choose this unusual guided tour through...

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Surfkurs i Biarritz
43° 29' 15.515" N, 1° 33' 23.411" W

The waves that roll in outside Biarritz are on historic surfing ground. If you can call it ground. It was here that European surfing started in...

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Mountainbike i Bergslagen
59° 20' 32.989" N, 14° 56' 35.538" E

There is no doubt that cycling is growing in popularity – and that’s not surprising. It is environmentally friendly and a great and fun way to...

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59° 26' 0.438" N, 15° 15' 53.291" E

Ervalla is located approx. 20 km north of Örebro. There are horses to suit most riders, experienced or novice. Icelandic horses are easy to ride,...

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58° 48' 5.231" N, 11° 9' 48.233" E

We hop on board M/S Kosteskär to experience something as cool as a lobster safari. But there’s no taking it easy. No, you have to pull up the...

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Havskajak i Gundsund
58° 12' 58.81" N, 11° 25' 1.142" E

Sea kayaking is easy to learn and will give you a perspective from below in the most positive sense of the word. The fact that you are so close to...

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