Gäddfiske i Backsjön
59° 22' 4.872" N, 12° 12' 28.332" E

We fish pike using the CPR method on beautiful Lake Backsjön in Värmland. And no we don’t mean cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but “catch, photo...

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Laxfiske i Mörrumsån
56° 30' 43.56" N, 14° 42' 58.932" E

Mörrumsån is one of Sweden’s best-known salmon rivers and flows through Småland and Blekinge. Here it’s angling season between April and September...

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Havsfiske på Kattegatt
57° 6' 31.428" N, 12° 14' 31.74" E

Fladenbåtarna arranges daily fishing trips for 4 and 8 hours in summer. With a combination of experience and an echo sounder, the chances of...

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61° 0' 29.023" N, 14° 37' 16.129" E

Snowmobile is a wonderful way to experience the winter valleys. We take one of the snowmobile trails and see incredibly beautiful views and lovely...

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Nattfiske i Handöl
63° 14' 49.978" N, 12° 27' 50.011" E

Char and salmon trout feed round the clock, but the most fun time to catch them is when the sun has gone down to its lowest point. We take a...

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Flugfiske i Ammarnäs
65° 57' 27.591" N, 16° 12' 35.478" E

In Ammarnäs nature is wonderfully unspoilt, and in the water you can see the fish keep watch. From here, you can reach many types of fishing in a...

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Aborrefiske i Dalsland
59° 1' 21.155" N, 12° 10' 35.501" E

Lake Ärtingen, west of Bengtsfors, has plenty of fish, though we can’t promise they’ll bite when you come here. We get help from the fishing guide...

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Mängder av flugor
61° 18' 4.172" N, 13° 1' 35.58" E

A stone’s throw from Caravan Club Tandådalen we find a watercourse where we can take our first tentative steps. Then we make our way to Fuluälven...

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Sportfiske på Ölands ostkust
56° 51' 55.088" N, 16° 51' 28.202" E

An Öland double. It is unclear if it is a thing, but it ought to be. Because it really is like that – you can fish for pike and sea trout in Öland...

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58° 48' 5.231" N, 11° 9' 48.233" E

We hop on board M/S Kosteskär to experience something as cool as a lobster safari. But there’s no taking it easy. No, you have to pull up the...

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