Europe is a continent with great variations. We have chosen some really tasty goodies from the well-stocked European experience buffet.

Canyoning i Trysil
61° 42' 36.792" N, 11° 56' 27.348" E

“Nature’s own adventure waterpark” is the simple description of what Canyoning really is. You float, jump and glide down waterfalls under safe...

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Blomsterön Mainau
47° 42' 15.766" N, 9° 11' 34.989" E

Count Lennart Bernadotte, a relative of the Swedish royal family, was taken with the small island of Mainau in Lake Constance (Bodensee) in 1932....

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Hos vinproducenten Leitz
49° 59' 0.173" N, 7° 56' 3.262" E

One of the foremost winemakers in the world can be found in the town Rüdesheim am Rhein, along the longest river in Western Europe – the Rhine....

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Champagne i Champagne
49° 8' 43.861" N, 4° 9' 57.582" E

The Champagne district has about 5000 wine producers and makes the world-famous and beloved bubbles. This is the location of, among others, AU36...

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Omaha Beach
49° 22' 0.944" N, 0° 52' 55.873" W

Beautiful views, good tastes and fun memories are all very well – they are wonderful. But sometimes a terrible destination can arouse stronger...

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Mont Saint Michel
48° 37' 40.477" N, 1° 30' 41.036" W

Mont Saint Michel is sometimes known as one of France’s most captivating sights. The castle-like abbey with its abbey church is located on top of...

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69° 18' 57.996" N, 16° 7' 31.044" E

When in Andenes, we hear that there is a guarantee of seeing sperm whales on the whale safari – we don’t need to think for long. The tour starts...

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Hurtigruten Norge
68° 33' 53.424" N, 14° 54' 35.532" E

Hurtigruten must be the world’s most beautiful sea journey. Unfortunately you can’t take your caravan or motorhome on board due to the height...

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Vandring Lofoten
68° 42' 9.828" N, 15° 23' 31.02" E

The islands around Lofoten and Vesterålen in Norway are exceptionally beautiful and well worth seeing. Picturesque villages spread out among high...

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Blocart på Römö
55° 5' 14.824" N, 8° 31' 16.151" E

Rømø – a flat island that can be reached by car – is located in southern Denmark, close to the German border. It has what seem like endless...

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Råbjerg mile
57° 38' 53.426" N, 10° 24' 30.244" E

Råbjerg Mile is a migrating sand dune between Skagen and Frederikshavn. It covers an area of approximately 1 km² and moves between 15 and 20...

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Fisknät i Skagen
57° 44' 22.456" N, 10° 38' 3.502" E

Standing with one foot in the Kattegat one in the Skagerrak is a strange feeling, and here you can do just that. But Skagen is much more than the...

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Fit Tire Bikes
52° 31' 19.164" N, 13° 24' 35.514" E

Berlin is one of Europe’s most visited cities, and that’s not surprising as there is something for everyone here: exciting nightlife, cool...

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53° 30' 59.573" N, 12° 40' 48.09" E

Driving the caravan or motorhome on board a boat is nothing remarkable, but then to steer the boat yourself is not something you see or experience...

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Amarone glass of wine in Valpocella
45° 28' 22.736" N, 11° 8' 34.457" E

Swedes seem to love Amarone wines, which are produced here in Valpocella, the area around Lake Garda. The lake is a sight in itself but we spend...

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45° 26' 3.012" N, 12° 20' 18.482" E

We take a water bus from the campsite to the centre of Venice. The tour takes approx. 30 minutes and we then walk along the narrow alleys and...

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Chokladstaden Brügge i Belgien
51° 12' 38.866" N, 3° 13' 34.108" E

Belgium’s Venice, Bruges, is a picturesque town with a history as a textile metropolis. Today, chocolate is a bigger attraction. There are about...

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50° 53' 49.65" N, 2° 43' 27.253" E

The Trappist monastery Saint Sixtus in Westvleteren, where Martin and his guide Stijn Van Houdt taste what some consider the world’s best beer,...

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50° 53' 24.438" N, 2° 39' 29.899" E

We make a lightning visit to ‘t Hoppecruyt, a few hours outside Brussels. We learn more about one of the most important ingredients for beer –...

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50° 50' 47.751" N, 4° 21' 7.382" E

Beer of world class – there is lots of that in Brussels’s Grand Place on the first weekend of September. That is the time of the Belgian Beer...

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61° 54' 15.958" N, 6° 43' 22.53" E

If you want to retain your skiing fitness in the summer, then Stryn is the perfect place to go. Here the slopes are open from mid-May to mid-July...

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46° 29' 4.305" N, 13° 47' 8.572" E

Downhill is great even on the bare ground. But we change the skis for a mountain bike when we whizz down Ingmar Stenmark’s favourite slopes. We...

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46° 22' 5.976" N, 14° 6' 52.487" E

A third of Slovenia is protected nature areas, and the small village of Bled, located next to the lake of the same name, is no exception....

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45° 48' 16.459" N, 13° 42' 56.215" E

Wine may not be the first thing you think of when you hear about Slovenia, but the fact is that the popular drink has been produced here for...

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45° 39' 56.919" N, 13° 59' 23.903" E

Slovenia has one of the world’s most impressive cave systems. The depth and mystical quality of the Škocjan Caves leave an impression on the...

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45° 31' 41.822" N, 13° 34' 4.79" E

That Piran in Slovenia is one of the most photographed cities around the Mediterranean is no surprise as we walk through the narrow alleys past...

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52° 22' 12.777" N, 4° 53' 42.604" E

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most visited and popular cities. And that’s not surprising. There are tulips, the Van Gogh Museum and much, much more...

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Ett besök i Gibraltar
36° 8' 26.246" N, 5° 21' 12.154" W

Gibraltar is a British territory located in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula by the Strait of Gibraltar. The best-known landmark in the...

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Surfparadiset Tarifa
36° 0' 45.709" N, 5° 36' 38.423" W

On the southernmost point of the European mainland in southern Andalusia, you’ll find the wind worshippers’ paradise – Tarifa. If you enjoy kite...

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Sherryns eget Jerez
36° 40' 47.305" N, 6° 8' 28.864" W

A drink that has long been left, forgotten and dusty in grandma’s cocktail cabinet. But it has become hip and trendy once again, maybe mostly as...

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Flamencomuseet i Sevilla
37° 23' 19.936" N, 5° 59' 19.475" W

One of Andalusia’s best-known exports is flamenco. Flamenco is a combination of music, dance and song, Romany costumes, Indian hand movements and...

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Sevilla sightseeing
37° 22' 59.142" N, 5° 59' 23.698" W

We stop at the barber but try lots of other things too. Seville has about the same number of inhabitants as Stockholm but in a smaller area. At...

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Balcon de Europa i Nerja
36° 44' 41.55" N, 3° 52' 30.526" W

Nerja is located in the Andalusian province of Málaga. A nice and cosy place that’s perfect if you are looking for relaxation or shopping, enjoy...

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Vattenvägen till Åland
60° 5' 59.435" N, 18° 48' 46.879" E

We take the ferry across to Åland, a journey of approx. two hours port to port. It is comfortable and there are recreational activities such as...

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Benagil Sea Caves Algarve Portugal
37° 5' 13.326" N, 8° 25' 27.43" W

Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal and is a well-known holiday destination for many Europeans. Partly due to its latitude, of course,...

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38° 42' 42.12" N, 9° 8' 39.923" W

Just as in all European capital cities, you can look behind grand statues and impressive buildings to find the centre, the real heart of the city...

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38° 41' 50.856" N, 9° 12' 7.063" W

The Portuguese city is home to 2.5 million people and has lots of things to do. We start our 24 hours with a famous and classic pastry – Pastéis...

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Hällristningar i Portugal
41° 4' 48.173" N, 7° 6' 42.3" W

Foz Coa are Europe’s oldest rock carvings, dating back 25,000 years, and found as recently as 20 years ago, when they ended up almost immediately...

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Santiago de Compostela
42° 52' 47.255" N, 8° 32' 42.115" W

Walking along a pilgrim route is a lifelong dream for many, even those who aren’t religious. And that’s understandable. The nature is magnificent...

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San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
43° 26' 50.798" N, 2° 47' 7.613" W

If there are some who have been good at laying claim to nice land to build on over the years it is the monks. And maybe especially those who in...

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San Sebastián
43° 18' 55.012" N, 1° 59' 31.834" W

The best viewpoint for San Sebastián is the mountain Monte Igueldo, but it is the city streets and squares that have the real visitor attraction...

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Chemin de Beaucastel, Châteauneuf-du-Pape
44° 6' 9.738" N, 4° 51' 10.336" E

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a municipality north of Avignon in south-eastern France. But it is probably better known for its wine district of the same...

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Gamla påveresidenset i Avignon
43° 56' 56.44" N, 4° 48' 20.513" E

Avignon is a city on the eastern bank of the Rhône River and was important already during the Roman Period. The city is well preserved and maybe...

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Lavendelproducenten Le Segnels
43° 51' 14.04" N, 5° 23' 9.737" E

There are many uses, to say the least, for lavender. Here in the Nordic countries it is probably best known for putting in linen cupboards and...

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Gorges du Verdon
43° 47' 56.378" N, 6° 13' 13.354" E

Gorges du Verdon, sometimes called Europe’s Grand Canyon, is strangely not very well known to us northerners. There are cliffs that drop 700 m...

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