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Treat yourself to the taste buds on the trip. It adds a further dimension to your travel experience.

Il Leccio
43° 3' 26.424" N, 11° 29' 23.856" E

Italy is packed with genuine restaurants, which could make it hard to choose. That’s why we want to recommend Il Leccio in Sant'Angelo In Colle...

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43° 10' 54.098" N, 11° 39' 13.335" E

Visiting a vineyard is a good way to learn more about wine and the process of producing the delightful drink. We visit the winery and meet...

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43° 3' 18.36" N, 11° 29' 20.4" E

Montalcino is a medieval town in the south of Tuscany. Here, on the top of a mountain, there is, among other things, a fort housing a wine shop....

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55° 42' 17.064" N, 13° 12' 11.592" E

Many would say that buzzing insects is a bad thing in summer, but the fact is, without bees we would not exist. And once they’ve done their thing...

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Polkagristillverkning i Gränna
58° 1' 20.748" N, 14° 28' 0.408" E

The peppermint rock is a true national celebrity in the world of sweets, and it is no secret which town it originates from. Gränna, located...

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Hos vinproducenten Leitz
49° 59' 0.173" N, 7° 56' 3.262" E

One of the foremost winemakers in the world can be found in the town Rüdesheim am Rhein, along the longest river in Western Europe – the Rhine....

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Cochem am Mosel
50° 8' 56.623" N, 7° 9' 37.107" E

Along the river Mosel there is an abundance of eye candy and picture postcard views for you to enjoy. We will stop in the small town of Cochem...

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Surströmming på Ulvön
63° 8' 52.548" N, 18° 43' 7.968" E

The reasons why Ulvön is called the Mecca of fermented herring are many. We speak to Ruben who works at Ulvöns Lilla Salteri. The best raw...

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Äppelmust i Västerås
59° 37' 1.632" N, 16° 32' 15.036" E

It‘s a little strange that Swedes both throw and import enormous quantities of apples. Spontaneously, it feels like a waste of resources. We have...

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Champagne i Champagne
49° 8' 43.861" N, 4° 9' 57.582" E

The Champagne district has about 5000 wine producers and makes the world-famous and beloved bubbles. This is the location of, among others, AU36...

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Havtorn i Strömstad
58° 52' 57.468" N, 11° 9' 5.94" E

A plant that thrives in Bohuslän’s salty environment is sea buckthorn, also called Nordic passion fruit by some. Sea buckthorn gets its name from...

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Ejmunds gård
57° 31' 13.224" N, 18° 25' 42.42" E

High-class beef production is unfortunately not becoming more common, except at Ejmunds Gård. The animals there only eat food that is free from...

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Glasstillverkning i Nora
59° 31' 9.005" N, 15° 2' 18.74" E

Just under an hour south of Kopparberg is one of Sweden’s best-preserved small towns, Nora. The well-known and famed market here is still being...

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Mackmyra Whiskey
60° 40' 11.838" N, 17° 6' 5.566" E

Mackmyra produces many kinds of whisky. MD Magnus Dandanell takes us on a guided tour through the distillery and tells us that whisky is one of...

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Marsjö Gård
57° 1' 59.419" N, 16° 51' 37.004" E

Marsjö Gård is located 30 minutes north of Borgholm. An ostrich breeder with a café, restaurant and farm shop. Experience farm life or buy some...

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Wannborga vingård
56° 55' 47.201" N, 16° 44' 58.466" E

Wannborga is something as unusual as a Swedish vineyard. The large vineyard, own wine cellar and distillery make Wannborga unique in Sweden. Red...

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Kräftor Feskekôrka
57° 42' 3.672" N, 11° 57' 28.553" E

There has been fishing trade in Feskekôrka (Fish church) for more than a hundred years. The house takes its name partly from its church-like...

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Amarone glass of wine in Valpocella
45° 28' 22.736" N, 11° 8' 34.457" E

Swedes seem to love Amarone wines, which are produced here in Valpocella, the area around Lake Garda. The lake is a sight in itself but we spend...

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45° 20' 46.445" N, 13° 56' 4.372" E

The truffle is a fungus that grows under the ground and one of the most sought after raw products in the gastronomic world. It thrives in the area...

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Chokladstaden Brügge i Belgien
51° 12' 38.866" N, 3° 13' 34.108" E

Belgium’s Venice, Bruges, is a picturesque town with a history as a textile metropolis. Today, chocolate is a bigger attraction. There are about...

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50° 53' 49.65" N, 2° 43' 27.253" E

The Trappist monastery Saint Sixtus in Westvleteren, where Martin and his guide Stijn Van Houdt taste what some consider the world’s best beer,...

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50° 53' 24.438" N, 2° 39' 29.899" E

We make a lightning visit to ‘t Hoppecruyt, a few hours outside Brussels. We learn more about one of the most important ingredients for beer –...

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50° 50' 47.751" N, 4° 21' 7.382" E

Beer of world class – there is lots of that in Brussels’s Grand Place on the first weekend of September. That is the time of the Belgian Beer...

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45° 48' 16.459" N, 13° 42' 56.215" E

Wine may not be the first thing you think of when you hear about Slovenia, but the fact is that the popular drink has been produced here for...

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52° 0' 41.548" N, 4° 42' 36.625" E

We visit Gouda and one of the town’s many cheese shops. We learn more about the production, storage and what gives it its special taste.

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Sherryns eget Jerez
36° 40' 47.305" N, 6° 8' 28.864" W

A drink that has long been left, forgotten and dusty in grandma’s cocktail cabinet. But it has become hip and trendy once again, maybe mostly as...

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Stallhagen öl
60° 5' 49.47" N, 19° 55' 32.765" E

An island state is naturally dependent on shipping, and that is clear in the chief town of Mariehamn where you will find the decommissioned ...

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Pumpor på Skördefesten på Öland
56° 40' 3.202" N, 16° 38' 12.037" E

Öland’s Harvest Festival is held week 39 every year and attracts almost a quarter of a million visitors. Here you can treat yourself and find...

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San Sebastián
43° 18' 55.012" N, 1° 59' 31.834" W

The best viewpoint for San Sebastián is the mountain Monte Igueldo, but it is the city streets and squares that have the real visitor attraction...

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58° 48' 5.231" N, 11° 9' 48.233" E

We hop on board M/S Kosteskär to experience something as cool as a lobster safari. But there’s no taking it easy. No, you have to pull up the...

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Chemin de Beaucastel, Châteauneuf-du-Pape
44° 6' 9.738" N, 4° 51' 10.336" E

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a municipality north of Avignon in south-eastern France. But it is probably better known for its wine district of the same...

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Lavendelproducenten Le Segnels
43° 51' 14.04" N, 5° 23' 9.737" E

There are many uses, to say the least, for lavender. Here in the Nordic countries it is probably best known for putting in linen cupboards and...

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