Vandring Lofoten


Blasen, schmerzende Beine und steile Hänge. Und du liebst es!

Vandra längs Vasaloppet
61° 0' 49.716" N, 14° 33' 36.828" E

Vasaloppet ski race is one of Sweden’s most famous sporting events, but not many people know that the course is also used in summer. Most visitors...

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Vandring Lofoten
68° 42' 9.828" N, 15° 23' 31.02" E

The islands around Lofoten and Vesterålen in Norway are exceptionally beautiful and well worth seeing. Picturesque villages spread out among high...

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Vandra med häst i Jämtland
64° 42' 39.556" N, 14° 3' 45" E

Hiking is wonderful and even nicer in the company of a friend who is also happy to carry your equipment and necessities. You choose how long or...

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62° 26' 40.938" N, 13° 51' 43.356" E

Vemdalen must be best-known for its skiing, but there are also lots of other things to do here when the snow has melted. We walk in the magical...

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61° 30' 16.589" N, 8° 43' 36.66" E

It’s not strange that hiking is part of the Norwegian people’s soul when there are places like Besseggen. The 1743 metre high peak usually offers...

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62° 7' 2.559" N, 7° 10' 51.997" E

The World Heritage Site West Norwegian Fjords – Geirangerfjorden is one of Norway’s most visited tourist destinations, and if you haven’t been...

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46° 22' 5.976" N, 14° 6' 52.487" E

A third of Slovenia is protected nature areas, and the small village of Bled, located next to the lake of the same name, is no exception....

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67° 55' 7.244" N, 18° 34' 21.973" E

Up on Sweden’s highest point, Kebnekaise’s southern peak, it’s not just the expanses and the incredible landscape that impress. The achievement,...

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Santiago de Compostela
42° 52' 47.255" N, 8° 32' 42.115" W

Walking along a pilgrim route is a lifelong dream for many, even those who aren’t religious. And that’s understandable. The nature is magnificent...

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