Vattensport - Kayak

Water Sports

The amount of water on earth is constant, but the things you can enjoy in the floating element are almost infinite.

Canyoning i Trysil
61° 42' 36.792" N, 11° 56' 27.348" E

“Nature’s own adventure waterpark” is the simple description of what Canyoning really is. You float, jump and glide down waterfalls under safe...

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Paddla kanot i Västra Silen
59° 23' 52.872" N, 12° 14' 16.332" E

Preben, the guide on our canoe day trip on Lake Västra Silen, describes paddling with one word: freedom. And it is no wonder. Stay and rest or go...

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Forspaddling med kajak i Blekinge
56° 30' 39.456" N, 14° 42' 54.936" E

In the spring and autumn, River Mörrumsån in Blekinge offers challenging rapids, even for those who are experienced. But we visit the watercourse...

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Snorkeläventyr i Kosterhavet
58° 52' 0.084" N, 11° 7' 17.904" E

Many associate snorkelling with the Red Sea or crystal-clear water off a Greek island. But you don’t need to go that far to see life under the sea...

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Kitesurfing beach
56° 34' 53.951" N, 16° 24' 23.432" E

Between the mainland and Öland the winds are compressed, making them stronger. Here the conditions for kitesurfing are close to optimal. Haga Park...

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Vrakdykning i Kroatien
45° 21' 59.837" N, 13° 32' 45.341" E

The best time for diving in Croatia is the summer months when the visibility is perfect and the water is at a comfortable temperature. If you don’...

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57° 4' 49.607" N, 12° 15' 37.281" E

As a guest at you can take a free beginners’ course in windsurfing. The fact that the well-known bay in Varberg happens to be one of...

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56° 39' 59.921" N, 12° 55' 0.088" E

On a Stand Up Paddleboard, or SUP as it’s also known, you can experience nature close to the water and train at the same time. Daily SUP tours are...

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Surfparadiset Tarifa
36° 0' 45.709" N, 5° 36' 38.423" W

On the southernmost point of the European mainland in southern Andalusia, you’ll find the wind worshippers’ paradise – Tarifa. If you enjoy kite...

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Havskajak på Åland
60° 1' 45.955" N, 19° 52' 55.751" E

The island state of Åland consists of more than 6000 islets and skerries, so an excellent way to explore the environments here is by sea kayak. We...

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Stand Up Paddleboard i Stockholm city
59° 20' 25.595" N, 18° 0' 50.875" E

The fact that Stockholm consists of islands is known to most. But that the water that separates them is a perfect way to discover the city may not...

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Surfkurs i Biarritz
43° 29' 15.515" N, 1° 33' 23.411" W

The waves that roll in outside Biarritz are on historic surfing ground. If you can call it ground. It was here that European surfing started in...

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Havskajak i Gundsund
58° 12' 58.81" N, 11° 25' 1.142" E

Sea kayaking is easy to learn and will give you a perspective from below in the most positive sense of the word. The fact that you are so close to...

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