Weekend Brännö Brygga


You are off from work much more than your vocational weeks. Use bank holidays and weekends to discover Sweden.

Orsa Rovdjurspark, amurtiger
61° 12' 54.493" N, 14° 32' 8.066" E

In Orsa Rovdjurspark you can see polar bears and Siberian tigers, to mention two, in the flesh. If you come in the winter there is a risk that the...

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Längdskidåkning i Orsa
61° 12' 44.68" N, 14° 32' 6.428" E

No one doubts that cross-country skiing is a big sport in Orsa, bearing in mind that Sweden’s best-known cross-country ski race is held right here...

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61° 0' 29.023" N, 14° 37' 16.129" E

Snowmobile is a wonderful way to experience the winter valleys. We take one of the snowmobile trails and see incredibly beautiful views and lovely...

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Utförsåkning Orsa Grönklitt
61° 12' 28.588" N, 14° 32' 15.529" E

Orsa Grönklitt is one of Sweden’s southernmost ski resorts, yet one of the most reliable for snow. Here, the slopes often open in the middle of...

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En runda golf
59° 29' 5.802" N, 17° 52' 37.384" E

Kalle Lööf at Rotebro Pay & Play shows us the basics of the beloved and now popular sport of golf. After a couple of buckets on the range it...

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Högvakten, Drottningholm
59° 19' 36.847" N, 18° 4' 18.217" E

With an impressive 1430 rooms and kitchens, the royal palace in Stockholm is one of Europe’s biggest. After the changing of the guard it is time...

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Västervik - Lysingsbadet
57° 44' 17.344" N, 16° 40' 7.72" E

Västervik Resort Lysingsbadet is one of the biggest campsites in Scandinavia – a five-star campsite and swimming area about 3 km south of...

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66° 3' 0.335" N, 17° 51' 45.244" E

We book a raft and make our way out onto Sweden’s deepest lake, Hornhavan. On board there is a wood-burning sauna – perfect for warming up before...

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Martin seglar
45° 1' 29.187" N, 14° 34' 33.381" E

The Croatian archipelago is a paradise for sailors. The shoals are sparse and the water crystal clear. There are also about 40 well-equipped...

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Vattenvägen till Åland
60° 5' 59.435" N, 18° 48' 46.879" E

We take the ferry across to Åland, a journey of approx. two hours port to port. It is comfortable and there are recreational activities such as...

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