The wilderness doesn't ingratiate, it doesn't matter about you. It is itself – every day. And that is what makes it so amazing.

Paddla kanot i Västra Silen
59° 23' 52.872" N, 12° 14' 16.332" E

Preben, the guide on our canoe day trip on Lake Västra Silen, describes paddling with one word: freedom. And it is no wonder. Stay and rest or go...

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Cowboyridning i vildmarken
65° 40' 6.168" N, 21° 1' 2.676" E

Come on a four-footed adventure in the wilderness. Western riding, as it’s also known, is a widespread form of riding for work. That is to say,...

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61° 0' 29.023" N, 14° 37' 16.129" E

Snowmobile is a wonderful way to experience the winter valleys. We take one of the snowmobile trails and see incredibly beautiful views and lovely...

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Björnssafari Järvsö
61° 12' 52.11" N, 16° 4' 9.671" E

Not many can boast having seen bears in their natural habitat, but we keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to be among those lucky few and...

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Getnö Gård
56° 35' 5.359" N, 14° 41' 39.916" E

Wilderness camping with 150 generously sized pitches, all nicely situated in a leafy forest environment. The campsite is perfect if you are...

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Vandra med häst i Jämtland
64° 42' 39.556" N, 14° 3' 45" E

Hiking is wonderful and even nicer in the company of a friend who is also happy to carry your equipment and necessities. You choose how long or...

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