Ölands skördefest - avsnittsbild

Harvest festival and angling on Öland

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Sweden’s larder, with its harvest festival week 39. Gone Camping travels there to check it out. Then it’s time to go to a banquet at Borgholm Castle. Before we leave the island, we try angling on the east side of the island. Pike and sea trout are high on the wish list.

Pumpor på Skördefesten på Öland

Harvest festival and angling

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Öland’s Harvest Festival is held week 39 every year and attracts almost a quarter of a million visitors. Here you can treat yourself and find bargains from pumpkins and mustard to handicraft and clothes. The harvest festival is spread all over the island, which is also known as Sweden’s larder.

Gästabud på Borgholms Slott

Medieval feast at Borgholms slott

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Borgholm Castle was built in the 13th century. Now, unfortunately, only ruins remain, at least of the actual castle. But the area is active, to say the least, with organised concerts and banquets. We visit the castle for one of the latter and enjoy the smells, jesters and wonderful atmosphere.

Sportfiske på Ölands ostkust

Sea trout and pike fishing on eastern Öland

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An Öland double. It is unclear if it is a thing, but it ought to be. Because it really is like that – you can fish for pike and sea trout in Öland’s brackish water. We get help from fishing guide Johan who knows the waters around the islands like the back of his hand. Did it pay off? Watch the clip and find out.

Boende Öland

Our late summer accommodation on Öland

Kapelluddens Camping boende Öland
Kapelluddens Camping

Kapelluddens Camping i Borgholm är en av få åretruntöppna anläggningar på Öland och här erbjuds du en uppsjö aktiviteter. Kapelluddens starkaste karaktäristika är att det ligger nära såväl havet och grönområden som charmiga Borgholm.

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Kapelluddens Camping boende Öland
Kapelluddens Camping

Kapelluddens Camping in Borgholm is one of few year-round campsites on Öland and offers a wealth of activities. Kapelludden’s best characteristic is that it is close to the sea as well as green areas and the charming Borgholm.

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