Avsnittsbild Dalsland

Dalsland’s waterways

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Between Värmland, Bohuslän, Vänern and Norway, you’ll find Dalsland. Or as it was once known: Sweden in miniature. There are lots of lakes, plains and even a mountain, Kroppefjäll, here.

Akvedukten i Håverud

The aqueduct in Håverud

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Where Dalsland Canal passes Håverud you’ll find one of Dalsland’s best-known tourist destinations – the aqueduct. An aqueduct, somewhat simplified, is a water bridge. The one in Håverud was completed in 1868 and has 33,000 rivets.

Paddla i Dalslands kanal

Canoeing on Dalsland Canal

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Dalsland Canal is a 254 km canal system that connects Lake Vänern with the big lakes in Dalsland, Värmland and Norway. Along the canal, there are a 33 locks that form exciting and cool breaks if you travel along the waterways, which are close to nature. If you prefer a slightly less energetic mode of travel, there are several passenger ships.

Aborrefiske i Dalsland

Perch fishing in Lake Ärtingen

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Lake Ärtingen, west of Bengtsfors, has plenty of fish, though we can’t promise they’ll bite when you come here. We get help from the fishing guide Tommy to catch a big perch, but we don’t get a bite until he shows us his secret bay.

Boende Dalsland

Our accommodation in Dalsland

Mellerud Swecamp Vita Sandar
Mellerud Swecamp Vita Sandar

Mellerud Swecamp Vita Sandar is a beautifully located, year-round campsite by Lake Vänern. It is very child-friendly with lots of activities, such as a heated pool, tennis, fishing, adventure golf, a footpath and much more. If you don’t bring a caravan, motorhome or tent, there are cottages and luxury caravans to hire.

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