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Åland: Vintage champagne, cycling and paddling

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Åland is located halfway between Finland and Sweden, just 2 hours by ferry from Grisslehamn. An autonomous part of the Republic of Finland where the first language is Swedish but the currency is euro – a mix of our two countries, you could say.

Vattenvägen till Åland

The water route to Åland

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We take the ferry across to Åland, a journey of approx. two hours port to port. It is comfortable and there are recreational activities such as one-armed bandits and a tax-free shop. It wasn’t always like that though – a postal delivery to Åland could take between 6 and 18 hours depending on the weather. Many postal farmers, like those who rowed or sailed with the post went through the ice never to be seen again. More about the dangerous postal service to Åland in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries can be found at the Post and Customs House in Eckerö.

Havskajak på Åland

Sea kayak to Kobba Klintar

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The island state of Åland consists of more than 6000 islets and skerries, so an excellent way to explore the environments here is by sea kayak. We go on a day trip starting from Mariehamn and make our way to Kobba Klintar’s pilot station where you can learn about Åland’s naval history, if the excursion on its own isn’t the goal.

Stallhagen öl

A sunken chest with floating treasure

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An island state is naturally dependent on shipping, and that is clear in the chief town of Mariehamn where you will find the decommissioned Pommern, which was one of the fastest ships in the world in its day (about 100 years ago). Today, she is a museum ship. Another museum in Mariehamn is the Åland Museum where you can read more about the wreck from the 19th century whose freight included champagne – the oldest in the world today. A couple of years ago, two the bottles were sold on auktion for 240,000 and 290,000 SEK respectively.

Boende på väg mot Åland

Our accommodation on and on the way to Åland

Grisslehamns Marina och Camping
Grisslehamns Marina och Camping

Stay in Roslagen, right by the sea, with the archipelago within reach. There are cottages and pitches with electricity, and those that are close to the sauna and shop, and to adventure golf, BBQ places and the restaurant.

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Degersand Resort
Degersand Resort

About 20 minutes from the ferry in Eckerö, along the edge of an oceanside and next to one of Åland's most beautiful beaches, you will find the fine Degersand Resort. In addition to beachside camping sites, there are also nicely decorated cabins.

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